Bye Bye New York - Hello Tel Aviv!

In 1992 I made a big decision. I was living in Manhattan and managing my own interior design business. I lived in a beautiful apartment with a Central Park view, drove a sports car, had a parking spot (!) and enjoyed wonderful friendships. But something in my heart told me my place was in Israel. So I moved, interior design office and all.


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Interior Design to Writing Cookbooks

I moved to Tel Aviv and eventually got married and moved to the beautiful town of Caesarea, where we built our dream house on the golf course. My focus on interior design faded as I developed a writing career. I wrote for the Jerusalem Post and several international publications, specializing in food and lifestyle. That led to an opportunity to write a cookbook about pomegranates. That was followed by 3 more cookbooks.
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Flavored Oils  Vinegars PhotoGifts from the Kitchen

And then a novel!

I was hit with the writing bug and in 2011 I took a big chance and wrote a novel - “Menopause in Manhattan”. I self-published it, the amazing Charles Fazzino designed the cover and to my utter delight, it has sold over 10,000 copies to date. 

I wasn't just busy writing though. My love of people, design and food naturally led to frequent entertaining. I hosted fascinating women from local and international circles and shared the customs of my adopted country, with a strong emphasis on its food and culinary traditions. That led to an idea - what about running a Bed & Breakfast here and sharing what I’m so fortunate to have with others?

A B&B is born!

Full speed ahead with house renovations and interior design improvements. The side garden (where the guest entrance would be located) was already planted with lemon, lime & hibiscus trees, but now we planted flowers and bushes that would flourish in the shade. And we added a wooden bench - ideal for quiet moments of meditation. Custom linens were ordered, plush white towels were purchased, keys and remotes were coded, locks were added, Dead Sea amenities were delivered and a logo was designed. We were open for business!
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Exciting news!

The guest book was filling up and then I got quite a surprise - TripAdvisor voted us the Top B&B in Israel and the Middle East! WOW! All our efforts and hard work were paying off - the TripAdvisor award was followed by giving us very high ratings. Proud doesn’t begin to describe the thrill.

Boutique Bridal B&B!

With the continuing success of Casa Caesarea, an idea came to me - why not develop a B&B specializing in wedding preparation? We had so many brides coming through our doors - getting ready for their big day and then spending their first night as husband and wife here. We developed packages just for brides - covering their every need and including gourmet lunches and photo ops throughout the property. It was a natural expansion of the business - a boutique B&B focused on brides and their needs. And so, Casa Cala came into being.

And so it goes...

We’re up to 9.8 on and the bridal business is wonderful. We love hosting brides, as well as our “regular” guests - from Israel and many other countries (US, France, England, Scotland, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Japan, Lithuania).

I'm working on my next book and looking forward to life's adventures. Stay tuned - and come visit!